Know What’s in Your Skincare? You Should.

We all assume that if you can buy a beauty product in a store, then it must be safe. But cosmetic regulation in the U.S. is not so great, leaving the opportunity for brands to use potentially harmful ingredients (often leading to irritation, not pretty). 

At Rozetree Botanicals we’re setting the bar higher. Our products are 100% vegan and we’ll always tell you exactly what’s in our products.

Because you deserve to know what you’re putting on your skin.

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You are what you put in – and on – your body, so it’s important to make better choices when it comes to your beauty routine. But how?

Part of that journey requires you to be more knowledgeable about the ingredients in skincare products.

In this fantastic (and free) guide, you’ll learn about some of the most harmful ingredients in skincare products to avoid.

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Breast cancer prevention

At Rozetree Botanicals, health and wellness is what we are all about. Founder Tenli, has worked extnsively with breast cancer patients and believes that education & prevention is better than a cure. That is why we donate a portion of our sales to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners.

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In 2020, Tenli downsized her career as a licensed physical and lymphedema therapist, to start Rozetree Botanicals, a natural skincare line formulated to keep your skin looking radiant - at any stage of life.

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