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All about Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)

Patchouli oil and leaves

 Patchouli in skincare:

Patchouli essential oil has been used extensively in perfumery because of its strong fixative and long-lasting properties. It is frequently used in skincare as an essential oil, hydrosol, or CO2 extract. It can also be infused in a carrier oil.  Patchouli has been used for skin conditions such as  dry skin, inflammation, scars, eczema, wounds. In Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Greek medicines, it has been traditionally used for many skin issues as well as an insect repellant.  Patchouli Essential Oil is non-toxic and non-irritating so can safely be used by all.

Patchouli origin:

Patchouli, a bushy herb that grows about 3 feet high is from the Lamiaceae plant family, which includes mint, sage, basil, thyme and lavender.  The essential oil and resulting scent come from the plant's leaves which are dried. The essential oil is then extracted from the leaves using steam distillation. It is native to Indonesia and Malaysia but today it is also grown in China, the Philippines, India and warmer parts of the US such as Florida and Texas.

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What Patchouli essential oil smells like:

Patchouli has a very distinct and unique scent.  Pure Patchouli essential oil is a complex aroma described as:  intense, earthy, woody, balsamic, sweet and musky.

Therapeutic properties of patchouli:

Anti-inflammatory: Patchoulol, a component of Patchouli has been studied extensively and has demonstrated anti-inflammatory actions.

Antibacterial: A 2013 study revealed strong antibacterial activity against several bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus.

Sedative activity: Inhalation of the essential oil has been shown to inhibit the sympathetic nervous system resulting in a decrease of adrenaline.

Immune system activity: Many studies have shown that Patchouli can improve immune response. Patchouli alcohol was shown to be active against some strains of the flu virus.

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Patchouli Trivia:

    •  The Tamil people of India are thought to have given Patchouli its name which means "green leaf". It appears they were the first to use Patchouli as an insect repellant.
    • Napoleon may have been the first to bring Patchouli to Europe when he purchased Egyptian cashmere and silk that were wrapped in Patchouli leaves to prevent moth damage.
    • Many of us who lived during the "hippie" era remember its common use as incense, (most likely used to cover up the scent of marijuana) .  However Patchouli incense at that time was probably of a low quality or synthetically made and not the pure essential oil that is used today in skincare.
    • During Victorian times, the  dried leaves of Patchouli became a main ingredient in potpourri.In 1917, Patchouli became a popular perfume ingredient when François Coty launched his new  popular perfume called "Chypre".

    Patchouli is a unique ingredient that we include in Ageless Fruit Serum that helps to give it such a beautiful aroma. We hope you love it as much as we do!


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