Why you need to feed your skin


Just as your health is affected by what you put IN your body, your skin health is affected by what you put ON your body. and ON your body. Think of your skincare products as food for your skin. Taking care of your skin is an important part of your overall health. Our skin is the largest bodily organ and has many functions:

1.We sweat waste products through our skin.

2. Skin is involved in regulating our body temperature.

3.  Nerve cells in our skin allow us to experience pressure , pain and temperature.

4. The Langerhans cells of the skin provide an immune function by interacting with bacteria that comes into contact with our skin.  

5. Our skin acts as a barrier by preventing  any harmful agents from being absorbed  into our bodies and prevents extensive water loss through skin.

6. Skin helps to protect our inner body from the damage of UV radiation.


 Plant oils have been used for centuries for many different uses including skin care because they contain a variety of properties that help nourish the skin.  Not all plant oils have the same properties.   Each plant oil is unique in that it contains different combinations of fatty acids, the building blocks of oils. All fatty acids are important for good skin health but have different functions.  Some form an occlusive layer on the skin that is protective and keeps moisture in, others can contain antimicrobial or anti-oxidant properties and some are able to help mitigate the damage  from UV rays. 

While fatty acids make up the majority of a plant oil there is a small percentage of the oil called the healing fraction composed of phyotochemicals such as vitamins, terpenes, antioxidants, flavonoids  and polyphenols.  These are the wonderful components that make plants so nutritious and protective for our bodies and skin.  Phytochemicals give plants their color, vitamins, antioxidants, scent and protect them from disease.

It is just as important to feed our skin with nourishing food as it is to feed our bodies with nourishing food.  Healthy skin is important to our overall well being. At Rozetree Botanicals our goal is to provide food for your skin made with simple, natural and nature derived ingredients.  We hope you enjoy the experience of giving your skin the nutrition it needs.

Be well!




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