Why you need to wash your face every night

You probably know you need to wash your face every night. But you may not know why it's important. So we asked our friend Jen Moore.  Jen is an esthetician and owns  Exfoliate Skin and Wax in California.
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Here is what she told us:
"Throughout the day your skin attracts dirt and pollution, and when combined with the natural sebum we produce and dead skin cells makes for a dirty face. When you wash your face thoroughly at night, you cleanse it from impurities that can create problematic skin and also allow it to heal and repair. Clean skin while you sleep is so important for the natural cycle of cell regeneration. ⁣
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Even if you’ve spent your waking hours indoors and makeup free, by the end of the day, there are still some things on your skin you’re going to want to wash off before you go to bed. Most people touch their face many times during the day, (our hands carry LOTS of bacteria ) which then makes your face one of the dirtiest parts of your body. Cleansing your face at night also gets rid of other debris from the environment, which can lead to oxidative damage or stress in the skin cells. It also removes most bacteria and yeast which normally colonize on your skin.⁣
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One more reason to cleanse at night…..Cleansing your skin also helps the active ingredients in your products penetrate better during the night since you’re applying them to a clean face where they don’t have to compete with all the gross stuff that landed on your face during the day."  
Thanks Jen for the great information!
 I know I am guilty of touching my face multiple times a day. Even when I try not to, I catch myself with my chin or forehead resting on my hand as I sit and read.  I'm doing it right now!
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If you think about washing your face as another chore you must do before going to bed or you just feel too tired to bother with it, try a different mind set. Think of washing your face as your final act of self care for the day.  Something you do just for YOU because it makes your skin feel so good!
If you haven't tried our Frank+Roze Cleansing Oil and Bamboo face cloth, you don't know what you're missing! This combo will remove your eye make up and leave your skin feeling clean and soft. It feels like a spa treatment!  A perfect way to end your day!
Be well friends!

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Great advice! I like the idea of a ‘final act of self-care’ for the day. Thanks, Jen and Tenli.

Carol November 07, 2022

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